What to eat: whole egg or white part

Protein-rich eggs should be eaten every Sunday, Monday. But sometimes people get confused with it that they should eat whole eggs or eat white part of the egg.

Although the whole egg is beneficial for health enhancing, but if you only consume white portion, you may get the following health benefits: -


If you have diabetes problems or you have a problem related to the heart, then eat egg white portion, it does not contain cholesterol. 180 mg in an egg Cholesterol occurs but the white part has zero percent cholesterol. Just 300 mg every day. Cholesterol should be consumed, in which case you can consume two eggs but in the same situation when cholesterol is needed.

High amount of protein:

The egg white portion has the highest protein, it contains about 4 mg Protein occurs. So you do not need to eat cholesterol yellow part. This part also contains amino acids that keep the muscles of the body balanced.

low calorie:

Many people asked a question how many calories are in one egg? By eating the white part, the low amount of calories in the body reaches, which is the most beneficial in taking breakfast. An egg contains approximately 70 calories, out of which less than half the calorie in the white part. In such a case, if you are on dieting, do not waste whole eggs by eating whole egg in the weight loss process.

Fat free:

The white part of the egg is low fat. There is no fat in it. Only 5 mg in this part Fat occurs.

Rich with mineral salts:

The egg white part is rich in mineral salts. Potassium content is very high in this. At the same time, there is also selenium, folate, calcium and phosphorus which keep the body healthy. Blood pressure is in control by eating this portion.